#8 Hardware Cloth Substitution

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Michael Bush:
Most of the hardware cloth that ends up in the US comes from China.  I'm sure they would be happy to sell it in Australia.

Ben Framed:
Thank you Michael Bush. I had previously found and posted information posted by you of different size hardware cloth from one of your post, posted in 2009. I posted this a couple days ago on the topic "Varroa detected in Australia" in the DOWN UNDER BEEKEEPING section. Thank you for your good information concerning hardware cloth in 2009 and now!

Thank you Acebird. Yes it can be manufactured there in Australia. However the need for a successful mite wash is immediate. No doubt products needed to deal with varroa will come in time 'if the mite is not eradicated soon'. Items such as mite wash kits as sold by some bee supply companies in countries which deal with varroa for instance, as well OAV applicators and all other things needed to deal with varroa. In the mean time, ideas of immediate successful 'mite wash' methods without hardware cloth or, without mite wash kits would be of great help and appreciated.

Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: Michael Bush on July 06, 2022, 10:28:03 am ---Most of the hardware cloth that ends up in the US comes from China.  I'm sure they would be happy to sell it in Australia.

--- End quote ---

This is true, the question is how long will it take for the order be filled, shipped, and placed in the hands of the needed. The need (from my understanding) is immediate.

My sister had an idea about this.  She knows about these plastic mats that are used for cheese aging, which are like a plastic grid so the cheese can breathe.  Something like this:

Do you guys down under have something like this?  I think the New England Cheese Making Co. ships worldwide, if someone wanted to give it a try.  They even have difference gauges of mesh.  I'm not sure the mesh is exactly the right size, but it looks pretty close just by the pictures. 

Michael Bush:
Also, I should mention that #5 hardware cloth in most other countries that use metric measurements is often called "coffee cloth" or "coffee mesh" because it's used to sift coffee beans.  That would work, as mentioned above, because although the bees can get through it, they have to struggle to get through it.


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