Bees in the Oak trees

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Ben Framed:

--- Quote ---Now, cotton.  Cotton flowers, which should have been obvious to me if I was thinking about it.  There are obviously seeds in cotton bolls, hence the invention of the cotton gin, and where there are seeds, there are flowers (or cones, but obviously cotton plants don't make pine cones).  Cotton is self-pollinating, so it doesn't require bees, but, as you mentioned Phillip, cotton will increase its yield when cross-pollinated by insects.  So cotton does produce nectar, both in its short-lived flowers and in extra-floral nectaries outside of flowers, in this case on the leaves.  Which means cotton honey is honey, because it's made from plant nectar.     
--- End quote ---

Thank you for digging into this deeper Reagan. 😁😁

Adding: A few years ago I posted here an article about a honey taste contest which was held in Texas. Cotton honey was the winner.


Ben Framed:
The following is the Beemaster location of the Honey Judging Contest in Texas in case someone might be interested.  If I understand the article correctly, it supports your conclusion Reagan.

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