Anybody ever used beescanning App.. From the play store. For mites

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Jim 134:
     Why not use beescanning app.. From the Play Store... Yes you will need a smart phone. With Internet connection..  I know it's available for Android...
 YouTube video... It will give you some tips on how to use this app.

    I personally have never used it. I was getting ready to leave the USA.. When I found this App

             BEE HAPPY  Jim134   :smile:

Bill Murray:
my daughter has a gadget phone and Im going to have her get this for a try.

Ben Framed:
This looks interesting but according to Dr Samuel Ramsey the majority of mites hide 'beneath the bees' between platelets on the abdomen. This was brought up on one of the post, on the following listed topic some time ago.
Concentrating a search, on the top of the bees for varroa may be deceiving as far as the concern of a hopeful idea of infestation levels of by varroa mites in our bee colonies.
Search Topic: "Varroa control via capped brood removal during dearth".

Their was much discussion there by a 'few' of Beemasters 'Heavy Hitters'. Such as Van from Arkansas, AR Beekeeper, The15thMember, Robo, Absinthe, jtcmedic,TheHoneyPump, SiWolKe, beesnweeds, cao, Michael Bush, and Myself, Ben Framed (light hitter) lol


Jim 134:
         I believe the mites seen. Is only part of the formula. That this program uses....   Of course you can believe in you would like..

                     BEE HAPPY  Jim134   :smile:

Ben Framed:
Maybe their is more to the app Jim. If so I missed it in the video.  The most accurate way I have seen so far, is a mite wash.. This app method might be fun, especially for the adventure of it. But if you want the best chance at accuracy, the mite wash is still the best way to go in my opinion. I still believe this... lol



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