Should UT be allowed to remain in the SEC after last nights hooliganism?

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Ben Framed:
Perhaps it may be time to consider removing The University of Tennessee from the SEC (considering the horrific display of UTs fans and students last night during the entire football game). Especially the indescribable last minute of the game between themselves and their old rivery Ole Miss? Is there room for such behavior in the SEC? Or for that matter is there room for such behavior in college football; period? Or any sport for that matter?


--- Quote from: Ben Framed on October 17, 2021, 11:18:49 am --- Or for that matter is there room for such behavior in college football; period? Or any sport for that matter?

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No, there is unequivocally not, but neither is there room for pretending to be injured to generate false stoppages in play, which is what the Tennessee fans are accusing Ole Miss of doing.  I don't follow college football, so if there is any larger context to this other than the schools' rivalry that I am missing, I apologize, but I think removal from the conference for the actions of some fans is unnecessarily harsh.  But absolutely it cannot be allowed to happen again.  I remember an NHL game a few years ago where the Philadelphia Flyers fans started throwing things onto the ice, and it was declared in the arena that if the fans continued to impact the playing surface, the Flyers would be given a minor penalty.  One fan didn't listen, and the team was penalized, and after that it stopped.  Something like that I think would be a better course of action than penalizing whole the team and the college so heavily for the fans' actions.  Unless of course there have been repeated incidences of this sort, in which case I think removal from the conference would be considered.       

Ben Framed:

--- Quote ---but neither is there room for pretending to be injured to generate false stoppages in play, which is what the Tennessee fans are accusing Ole Miss of doing.
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Interesting, I witnessed several injuries for each team including the Ole Miss Impressive QB when he was needed very most in one of the final drives of the game. It would make no sense to fake an injury to the key player of the team during the most important drive of the game, would it? (one example). What was the number of injuries for each team? I did see the replays of the injuries for each team member when shown. This game was a very intense physical game. (There were many injuries on 'each' team)

What I witnessed. Filled water bottles being cast on the football team, coaching staff, and all cheerleaders, more than I could count in an endless barrage until the entire Ole Miss participants had to retreat from the sidelines to the football field itself for safety from the Tennessee 'fans'. The only safe place to escape the rage and range of the 'fans' projectiles cast upon them.  The coach hit with numerous items including a golf ball. Who brings a golf ball to a football game? Unless; Premeditated, ill intentions are planned?

I witnessed the entire cheering team finally being escorted off the field, shielding their heads with anything they could find to protect themselves from head injury from the disgusting tennessee fans in their display of a constant chunking and bombarding frenzi of a barrage of what seemed to be an unlimited supply of derbies and items, including cans of beer, filled water bottles, mustard bottles and on and on, in a merciless intent to hurt/injure anyone from the opposite team in their 'range of fire'. There is no but to it, this is totally unacceptable. Totally without excuse, and to use a claim of fake injury to justify this display, shows not repentance.

Should the SEC accept this type of behavior from Tennessee, a school who displays this type of behavior? As far as I know, they have yet to demonstrate repentance or sorry for such actions; only excuses of attempted justification of such actions disgusting actions.  The undefendable behavior exemplified last night has no room for 'buts' the SEC should not tolerate this sort of behavior from what should be a civilized school.
This is really sad.

I did not see the game, only read about it afterwards, and if, in your estimation, there was no foul play going on from Ole Miss, then I agree.  The fact is that no matter what is going on on the field, there is no cause or excuse for behavior like this, but even less so (if less than none is a functional concept) if it was without any cause.  I still don't know that it would be enough to eject the school from the SEC, but then again, I'm not familiar with how strict the governing body is for college football, and the sports I'm most familiar with, NASCAR and hockey, tend to play faster and looser with the rules of sportsmanlike conduct than most sports, so maybe you are right.       

Ben Framed:
According to CBS News it was over an officiating call that was the problem.
CBS Sports.
LOOK: Tennessee fans throw trash on home field, delaying Ole Miss game 20 minutes  over officiating call
14 hours ago

--- Quote ---and if, in your estimation, there was no foul play going on from Ole Miss, then I agree.

--- End quote ---

While watching the game, I had no way of knowing if a player fakes an injury or not from any team. Neither do the fans. Though I was 8 hours away, with a birds eye view of television and replays shown of such injuries. I rather the ruthless Tennessee fans at the game could determine either "and if, in your estimation, there was" "foul play", do you think the behavior of Tennessee fans were justified? If so we may have to agree to disagree on this one.. :shocked: :smile:

Again, According to CBS the 'hooliganism, my word' started over a disputed play...... 

It is my opinion the type behavior exhibited last night by the Tennessee folks should not be tolerated in any conference, be it SEC, or any other Conference. Last night Braylon Sanders was the Ole Miss second-leading receiver so far going into the game, this season with 292 receiving yards and three touchdowns. He is a key receiver for Ole Miss and an important target for the Ole Miss QB, Matt Correll, a very needed and depended on key player, much needed to help lead Ole Miss to victory against the Vols, yet he was injured. Though he was injured early in the first quarter and down on the ground, the unpleasant Tennessee bunch was booing him. It 'seems' they were out for blood... The Ole Miss Coach said at halftime they did not expect him to return to the game. He never returned to the game as far as I know.  Each time an Ole Miss player was injured, the same treatment was given. The unsportsmanlike conduct of booing is bad enough, but not good enough for 'these blood thirsty fans', no Sir..

I was at a game in Oxford several years ago and witnessed a player, Chuckie Mullins, receive a broken neck. At the time fans did not know the extent of the injury yet the opposing team, yet another Tennessee team, The Vanderbilt Commodores were the opponents there in Oxford. These good folks displayed concern and loving care with a standing show of respect and cheering for poor Cuckie by even they, the opposition . This well liked young man never regained mobility, spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair, and died at an early age. Yet his last memories of that tragic game, being carried out on a stretcher was not booing! I am glad to say it was of love and concern along with admiration from every fan at that game, on both sides of the field.  How can any civilized human boo an injured player or behave as 'The Volunteers' did over a call by the officials, who 'reviewed' the play over and over by watching the film before making a final decision on the call?....  Sad, very sad.....


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