What Can I make for The Christmas Tree?

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Annette, oh aren't those little cuties on your shrine!!!  You are loved.....that is plain to see.  Enjoy your little pals at work as you look at them and think of the other lovelies that you are raising that also make you so ding dang happy.  Have a most wonderful and beautiful day, Cindi


Very pretty collection of bee stuff you have, your coworkers/friends really have done well :)

I have gotten a few neat things over the years, mostly from family and forum members: In my motorhome I have a bee standing on 2 feet, holding a skep in one hand and some tool in the other, very nice. From Big Rog (long time sice we saw him here, I fear something happened to him, he had no family and I think Rog may have had some personal issues that finally caught up with him (I hope I'm wrong, but he was a Mod here and dropped of the face of the Earth after losing his Mom. Rog sent me a number of neat patches (like bowling leaque 100 pin over average patches, etc.) but they we're Virginia Bee Association stuff and he also gave me a beekeeping book from 1903, first edition, written almost Biblically in style.

I was given two great shirts from the Buzzbees who I finally got to meet this Summer and I wore the shirt when we met and they were happy to see I fit in it okay  :-P

I'm proud of my printed publication collection, I have about 12 booklets and magazines (some school education booklets have my pics in and I just happened to find them and picked them up. That's the thing about the Internet, you will find your stuff all over the web eventually - it's nice to get recognition for your work, but that rarely happens when you surf other people's bee-sites and see your pics there. I just think it a compliment that an image of mine struct their fancy enough to use, credits or no.


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