Christmas Ornaments from cookie molds, wax and acrylic paint


My mother in Law had a collection of Christmas tree ornaments made of 100% beeswax painted with acrylic paints, all taken from many many molds used for shallow 3D cookie and cake molds. I need to find some photos to post, but my favorite were a male and female rabbit dressed as Santa and the Mrs., the hot wax perfectly caught every detail of the mold and when cooled the acrylic paint finished the job perfectly.

Many of these molds are long gone, they were NOT cookie cutters, but shally impression molds made from cast iron and aluminum. She would press a small length of string into the cooling wax on the back end of the mold and form the wax around the string making the loop to hang the decoration from.

I wouldn't call these "Kid Friendly" they were a bit delicate and couldn't handle dropping, but her tree was filled with many unique woodland creatures. The backs were always flat but also painted to complete the look on what was on the front.

I hope to find some photos, but acrylic paint on bees wax really has a nice matted finish that almost gives it a stained or painted wood look. I'm sure if you wanted to go for a glossy look, then a light brushing of a clear coat would do magic.

Just a thought, but I wonder what would happen if you painted the acrylic on thick, and left a spot on the very top open, then put them upside down on a screen in the oven and slowly warmed it up until the wax melted away, so all you'd be left with was the acrylic shell.  It would be VERY delicate, but might turn out great.  I might have to try that sometime before christmas.


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