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Title: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: prestonpaul on January 10, 2013, 09:32:26 pm
The Dakar rally is the highlight of my year as far as sports go. Is anyone else watching?
As a motorbike rider I love watching the bikes, but I have a secret obsession with the trucks as well. It's awesome to watch the big behemoths flying over the dunes  :-D
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: BlueBee on January 11, 2013, 03:18:34 am
Don't hate me, but what is a Dakar!
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: prestonpaul on January 11, 2013, 06:41:35 am
Dakar Rally (
Only the worlds premier off road rally, formerly known as the Paris Dakar, now held in South America due to political issues in Africa  :-D
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: saperica on January 13, 2013, 09:31:24 am
well here in croatia Rally Dakar is watching and Croatians this year dont have compettitors on rallye.
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: kingbee on January 15, 2013, 04:34:46 am
...  what is a Dakar!

Don't sweat it Blue.  Dakar is where Government Motors iron goes to rust in peace.
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: BlueBee on January 15, 2013, 06:37:56 pm
Did you see the new Cadillac version of the Volt unveiled at the Detroit auto show today?  Maybe that's more your style than the Chevy. (

Just think, before long you won’t be able to call it “Government Motors” anymore.  Then what are you going to complain about?  Twinkies not being real Twinkies anymore?
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: BlueBee on January 16, 2013, 01:06:38 am
Kingbee, fiberglass doesn’t rust.
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: kingbee on January 20, 2013, 02:43:03 am
Kingbee, fiberglass doesn’t rust....

The Chevy Volt had the same design team as the Yugoslavian Yugo and it has the same bright and long future as the latter named car

Nor is fiberglass replaceable in the normal meaning of the term.  It only breaks.  Are you sure that isn't one of Obama's Boy Scout mobiles, you know the car that comes with only one match and is guaranteed to burst into flames one minute after you buy it?  Maybe they should change the name to the Chevrolet Zippo.

The laws of phisics are set in stone, like those commandment things.  The laws of phisics can not be bent, or repealed (more on this in a later post)  With new fuel economy standards that are impossible to achieve in any other way, here is the new 2016 Government Motors Cadillac prototype.  It only comes in red and the Administration is thinking about naming it the 'Hummer' and Sickle.  When Obama announced the "Cash for Clunkers Program," I though he was buying up lemons, not selling them. (

Despite being grossly under powered Obama's 'Hummer' & Sickle has a bright future in NASCAR racing... because it only turns left.  ;)
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: BlueBee on January 20, 2013, 08:09:36 pm
The laws of phisics can not be bent, or repealed (more on this in a later post) 

Physics by bee keepers, that should be interesting to read. :-D
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: kingbee on January 23, 2013, 04:47:32 pm
...fiberglass doesn’t rust.

What are you trying to tell us BlueBee?

It is abundantly clear to everyone that Cadillac will never meet Obama's new CAFE mandated fuel economy standards.  This leaves Government Motors open to intimidation by a "protection" racketeering scheme run by the very federal government meant to protect both us and Government Motors.  What is Government Motors planning to do to save fuel, reintroduce  the Cadillac Allanté?  The  Allanté's body was built in Pininfarina, Italy out of lightweight fiberglass and flown 50 something at a time to Detroit, Michigan in a fuel gulping Boeing 747.  Won't Al Gore be pleased?  According to the unvarying laws of physics, the only way to save gasoline is to make cars much smaller, ever lighter, and more underpowered.

By taking the bailout money Obama trapped both Crisis and Government Motors in a Mafia style protection racket.  This is a scheme where the government on the quite promises to OVER LOOK certain (let's say EPA, OSHA, or CAFE) rules violations in exchange for Government and Crisis Motors hiring Obama's "nephew" to a no show job.  Some of you may remember Vito Cordelone in The God Father being dismissed by his foster father because the local Don or "man of honor" insisted that his own "nephew" be given Vito’s job  Well the nephew in this case is any government policy or program that the government wishes to implement but that the voters oppose.  Think of it as a salesman forcing his foot in the door or a camel getting his head under the tent.  Who gets harmed by this?  Every Ford Motor Corporation employee, the employees and owners of the Ford sales and service structure, every employee of every company that supplies parts to Ford, as well as every Sun Belt employee of every foreign auto makers.  Never mind all the evil greedy little old lady school teachers and their union pension fund as well as every member of the general motoring public.

With the visible government in Washington D.C. it works the same way.  Some large corporation or corrupt union crawls into bed with the executive or legislative branch of government.  Then after the deed is done, that business or union is offered a special tax deal, or other favors in exchange for backing some pet program that the respective branch(s) of government wants enacted.  In the underworld this is sometimes called "fire insurance."  The part that is left unsaid is that, "If you don't want your business to burn to the ground, pay me so that you can be sure that you don't have a devastating fire while your asleep."  In the same way the push by certain corporations and their respective unions to pass Cap and Trade or Climate Change legislation is driven by big business' or big labor's desire to have the Federal Government do the dirty work of shearing the sheep for them and then passing their share of the vig up or down the line like mobsters  Big Paul" Castellano and John Gotti did.   The EPA or what ever other government agency that comes to mind acts as the "enforcer," a strong but unsophisticated brute, used to beat up or break the legs of those citizens or business who resist the government’s iron embrace. 

You can see this in action at least as far back as the Kennedy Administration when the steel industry under pressure from the new president signed a contract with the steel workers union that caused steel prices to skyrocket.  Do you want to know how high steel workers’ pay shot up?  My dentist sold his dental practice and started punching a time card at a steel mill in Birmingham, that’s how high steel workers pay went up.  The President in conspiracy with his brother, the United States Attorney General conspired to allow the steel industry to violate the anti-trust laws by fixing the price of scrap metal while raising freight rates to drive every independent scrap dealer out of business, provided that is that the steel industry resend their price increases.  The President called it "Jaw Boning."   For those of you who don't get out much, the weapon that Sampson (the wild, un-shaven, strong man in the Bible) used to kill thousands of Philistines was the jaw bone of an ass.  Wow, how’s that for a coincidence? (
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: BlueBee on January 23, 2013, 07:10:27 pm
OK, let me get out my rule for any misbehaving students. :-D

1.  CAFÉ means Corporate AVERAGE Fuel Economy.  The automakers can still meet these requirements and sell behemoths like the Hummer IF they sell enough of the small cars and Chevy Volts.  This is the way it has always worked.  They get a lot of credits for fleets of R&D vehicles like electric cars, fuel cell cars, H2 cars, etc.  Like most things governments, there are always ways of bending the rules if they need to be bent.

2.  The Allante was not fiberglass.  It was aluminum and steel.  And the bodies coming into Detroit were crap!  They had to beat on them with hammers to get the doors to fit!

3.  No your physics are wrong.  You can substantially improve the efficiency of a vehicle’s engines to increase the CAFÉ along with the things you noted (smaller, lighter, underpowered).  Idling engines are 0% efficient.  Spark engines at city speeds are maybe 15% efficient.  You lose substantial efficiency at part throttle operation due to pumping losses.  A diesel and a hybrid can improve CAFÉ without inventing new Physics.  Transmissions with more gears also improve efficiency.  Still to get to Obama’s numbers, there is no doubt cars and trucks will have to get a lot smaller.  LOL..the 2025 F150 might be the size of a Smart Car!

4.  General Motors and Chrysler is not run by the Mafia and are subject to the same (if not MORE) rules than Ford and other automakers.

5.  LOL.  You do seriously believe the UAW wants cap and trade!

6.  With regards to Sampson.  Maybe it’s time for some beeks to get a haircut. :)

Class Dismissed!
Title: Re: Who's watching Dakar?
Post by: kingbee on January 23, 2013, 11:15:28 pm
No the UAW doesn’t want Cap & Trade any more than they want VW or Kia supplying the next Presidential Limo.  But there are many backroom deals that get cut in smoke filled rooms like the one I laid out concerning JFK and the steel industry.  What under the table deal would it take for the UAW or even the Church for that matter to sell out for a pound of flesh.

As for Government Motors bodies fitting Government Motors chassis, I have a vast collection of true first person horror stories that would keep anyone from buying Government Motors (or any other UAW iron) if they knew the truth.  Then there are the people who build the cars and some of the things that these people did to deliberately sabotage cars at the factory.  I even saw one car that was shipped without brakes, and many with inch wide gaps between doors and lock pillows,  doors and rocker panels, or doors and roofs.  One of the benefits of robotics is that machines don't get mad at the foremen, come to work hung over, or deliberately try to slow down production to suck a few hours of overtime out of the system around Christmas time. 

As for CAFE, Mercedes Benz don't worry about no stinking fine for violating CAFE.  Mercedes just adds the CAFE fine to the price of each car built then marks the price it up by 10K.  It is the American motoring public who gets stuck paying the tab for Al Gore’s Green fairy tail.