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We only had two logs produce so far.  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

I?m not a mushroom fan at all but they look pretty nice.
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
I do not know much about mushrooms but you have sparked my interest. As Jim said, these do look nice. jvalentour Where would a person start in the process of educating themselves on mushrooms? In other words, how did you get involved in mushroom farming?

Philip Hall


Ben Framed I'm not really farming mushrooms yet.  Just checking it out for viability. 
I have 30 logs now and grow enough for family and friends.  I have talked to a couple of restaurants about their supply needs.
It takes a few years to develop a steady flow of produce.  The picture represents a $20-30 retail value of shiitake mushrooms.  So I am becoming very interested.
I was talking to a neighbor near the farm and she turned me on to the process.  Seems easy enough if you don't mind manual labor.  I have the space and environment to produce a good amount.  Finding buyers 2-3 years from now is being researched.

I plan to visit a few growers and check out their operation. 

I grew Shiitakes - had about 40 logs, and it is my favorite. Try a Shiitake mushroom pie with a butter crust - oh my

Good luck


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