Runs for Months Without Charging, Shakes Up the Entire Car Industry!

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Ben Framed:
Its about time!
"This New Electric Car Runs for Months Without Charging and Shakes Up the Entire Car Industry".... Good report Scotty....


I have often wondered why no one puts solar panels on cars. When I was young, I went to a GM open house, my dad worked at the Trenton plant. They had that miniature model with the solar panels. They would put a spotlight over it and the car reverse up so loud that you had to cover your ears. Nothing ever came of it.
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
The model you witnessed is interesting Jim. I have wondered the same thing. (Why are they not putting solar panels on vehicles). I remember the Moon Rover and how it was explained it worked by solar panels. That is why I said, it?s about time! lol.
Now if this report is accurate and about 40 miles a day can be achieved with this set up (not counting the almost 400 mile initial full charge, Even the average rural commuter should not need a plug in charge on sunny days. This car is interesting in my opinion.


Almost anything is possible if cost is not a limiting factor.  That is why we got to the moon first.

Michael Bush:
Back in Edison's day he had an electric car with a range of 1000 miles.  It used a Sodium Ion battery.  I do wonder why they don't just build the entire body out of solar panel material.  There is a lot of energy wasted when you're parked in the sun...


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