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I just started my blog today. I have been ready over some of the members blogs and with today being Linda's blog sites B'day I thought I'd start one too. I think it will be fun to look back in time and laugh at the newbee things done in the beginging and to have a text log of how the bees and the bee yard has grown.

Good for you, Dan.  I find it is lots of fun and I don't find it hard to keep up. 

I use Picasa on Google to upload pictures which takes very little time and makes the picture stuff not a pain like uploading to Photobucket, copying, pasting and then finding that the image is too big.  That being said, Picasa and Google are having a currently unfixed communication problem.  If you plan to go that way, I know the work around - it's easy, but you do have to know what to do, so PM me and I'll tell you how.

I've loved two things about keeping the blog:
1.  It keeps me on top of things because I feel like I have to report to a larger audience than just myself
2.  I have a record when I am a procrastinating record keeper if that's required of me - this is fun

Also I put a statcounter on the blog ( It's free and allows you to see where the people come from who look at the blog - I find that rewarding too to see that someone from China, India, New Zealand, Turkey visit my blog on a regular basis.  It doesn't get personal - I have no idea WHO is visiting, just what country, city they represent.

I see your blog address below your post, so I'll add it as a link from my blog.

Looking forward to following it and linking to it.

Linda T in Atlanta

Did you consider having your blog hosted here at Beemaster?


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