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Title: MEMBER'S CHAT: Voice, Video, Text Chatting
Post by: beemaster on January 27, 2007, 05:26:29 pm

You may have noticed recently a NEW FEATURE at the top of the forum home page - you can now text chat live with any member online using the embedded SHOUTBOX chat and click on the link below Shoutbox to open a FULL FEATURED AJAX XHAT ROOM - communicate in the main lobby OR open private chatrooms, chat under any forums title by clicking the drop down box which opens a list of any forum.

Of course for years now we have had Ventrilo Voice chat, a simple download that allows you to talk or just listen live with members logged in there. Ventrilo has many nice features, including a TEXT TO SPEECH feature which allows you to HEAR in a computer generated voice everything typed by members in the text chat part of Ventrilo. Learn the full details of this easy install voice chat software at: (