Amish Icehouse; Interesting way to keep food cold with zero electricity.


Ben Framed:
These folks keep their refrigerated items cold all summer without refrigerant.

Michael Bush:
Most of the anti-electricity Amish I know have gas refrigerators and gas freezers.  I used to have a gas refrigerator.  It was probably 50 years old when I got it and it lasted me a decade or so.  My Grandpa used to cut ice in the winter to sell in the summer (not much farming to do in the winter and after planting there was some spare time).  they would dig a deep pit and get sawdust.  They would put sawdust in the bottom and then cut ice on the lake and make a layer of ice.  Then a layer of sawdust etc. until it was full.  Then they would mound up the sawdust on top to insulate it.  I have an ice saw I bought at an antique store back in the 70s.  A lot of times they would use a two man saw and then they would joke about who had to take the bottom end of the saw...


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