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Our new horse Cherokee branded me this morning. Judy and I were feeding the chickens and she kept trying to open the feed buckets that were in the wagon. I chased her off several times and the last time she spun around shot her read end in the air and kicked me with both feet. Knocked me back but I was able to slowly get to the ground. I called dispatch on my radio and called for help.
We spent most of the afternoon in the hospital getting blood test and CAT scans. Luckily no broken bones and no damage to my lives. Just very sore.

If you look closely you can see 2 footprints.
I?ll bee fine after a few days.
Jim Altmiller

Oh my, Jim!  That is terrible!  :sad:  You are lucky you were not seriously hurt.  Hope you feel better soon.

I rode a lot of horses when I was young.  I was always kind of scared of them and learned to like motorcycles better.  Each has their own personality.  I was only kicked in the leg once during a storm but was bucked off a few time and have been taken under low hanging branches or rubbed up against fences.  Never had a run-a-way but have seen a few.  One broke some splines off my little brothers back when bucking him off.  He is still screwed up to this day a bit.   The one that kicked me was one we raised from a colt and was self trained and so I am sure was not trained well cause we basically just started riding her with out spending any time and at that age I figured it was better riding a green horse then it was walking to the neighbors house which was about a mile away.
It was all good but I admit to liking motorcycles better.

Hope you feel better soon though I suspect the soreness will be worst on day three before going the other way.  Glad it was not worse though.

Ben Framed:
Not a good situation; It could have been a lot worse, thankfully it wasn't. This is not an uncommon thing to have happen with a new horse. Feeding time and place, is where the 'pecking order' is mainly established between each individual horse as well as the people handling them. Handlers are not excluded by some horses when establishing, who is the boss, and pecking order. You assumed you were the top of the ladder in authority. Cherokee, though seeming to accept this at first, decided to challenge your dominance as the heard leader after a couple of times of being ran back, or 'shooed' back. The is "Natures way" in horse language.
How long have you had Cherokee? How does Cherokee behave normally, (when feed in is not involved)? How does Cherokee behave with the other horses? I always recommend any new horse going back to 'horse school' to make sure the horse has had proper schooling and knows its ABC's. This is for the good of the horse as well as the horse owner.


Thanks everyone.
You are correct.
Lately Cherokee has switched from being the newcomer and being on the bottom of the pecking order to trying her best to be the alpha. She has been fighting back a lot lately with Chief Crazy Horse and Cheyenne and is gaining ground. Even when riding her she has switched from being submissive to demanding her way.
It is time to go back to a lot of ground work.
Jim Altmiller


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