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Title: Little Johnie
Post by: Ben Framed on March 19, 2021, 11:18:23 am
Little Johnie was a smart little bugger. There was not much that stumped him as far as school work went. One day the teacher had a hands up question and answer session. She asked a question and about half the hands in the class room went up. About the third or fourth question, she called on little Johnie to give the answer. "Ok little Johnie what is the answer?" Little Johnie missed it! He was devastated because he was certain in his mind he got it right! This brought out competitiveness in little Johnie. He said "teacher are you sure I am not right" She said "no Johnie you missed it." Still Johnie did not give up because he just knew he had it right! This little fellow unmeaning too, started a confrontation with the teacher. He said "well Ms Brebor, do you think you know the answer." This did not set well with Ms Brebor. She bluntly replied. "I don't think; I know the answer!" He misunderstood, he did not realize Mr Brebor was being sarcastic with her reply back to him. This was all little Johnie had to hear giving him relief. He answered, "just as I suspected, I did not think you knew, because I got it right!"