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Hello All,
I was a member of this forum about 15 years ago, when I lived in Alpine, NY. Then Imet my husband, married, had a kid...and kept bees the whole time. In fact, I started a business around my beekeeping! But I stopped a lot of forum participation and club stuff because...small kid.

Well, the kid is almost 14, so I'm back. This year, I started with 4 hives, captured a swarm, and then captured what the owner of the house thought was a swarm. Turns out it was a hive under the decking. By then, I already had about 3 pounds of bees in the beevac, so I took them to my apiary, gave them a frame of eggs/larvae, and as of today, they are raising a queen. I'm enthusiastic about bees in a way I haven't bee for a few years. I kept having 100% losses over winter at my house (in the suburbs of Ithaca, NY) in spite of doing things "right," like treating for mites, etc. I'd never had so much loss and was getting discouraged. Now, though, I have my bees at my biz in Newfield, a rural valley. I'm hopeful they will do better on land that borders a state forest. I also have about 30 acres, and just planted a quarter of an acre of wildflowers. so that's the story! Glad to bee back. --Lesli

Welcome to Beemaster, Lesli!   :happy:  It's always great to see members return to the forum, although you were a bit before my time.  I live in the mountains of North Carolina, and my bees do wonderfully here with a lot of undeveloped forest.  Hopefully your bees will love the forest too!  Feel free to ask questions or just share what's going on with your bees.     

Welcome to Beemaster. Great to have you back.
What name did you go by back then? If you registered it is probably still active. If you don?t remember the password I can fix that.
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
Welcome back LesliSagan!


Bob Wilson:
Greetings from middle Georgia.


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