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I thought this was interesting
and could prob be made easily
I'm certain Robo will be posting plans in a week! lol
The book mentioned is avaiiible on Amazon for 4 bucks

i thought the intent of the TRADING POST was for members to list THEIR OWN old equipment or what have you for sale or trade. NOT TO ANNOUNCE ITEMS FOR SALE ON EBAY. everyone knows ebay is out there if they are looking for something specific.  the trading post is NOT the place to plug items on ebay. AGAIN I SAY, you do a disservice to members that may have ALREADY bid on an item. if it is your item that you are trying to advertise that TOO IS A MISUSE OF THIS FORUM WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE NON-COMMERCIAL.

I actually put it there as a reference and post it because I tought that some of the members might find it interesting. I resent your implication. It is not my item for sale nor do I know who's it is. It was a interesting item and listed a book that I know several members here would find interesting. Play nice and find out whats going on before you rant here.
As they said in Stripes "Lighten up Francis"

I do agree that this post is inappropriate for the trading forum.  However, I don't agree with the part of being a disservice to the members.  I don't have the time to surf eBay for beekeeping stuff, mainly because most of it ends up going for more than I think it is worth.  But I do find some of the posts Rog makes interesting.

You can also take the flip side of the argument that Rog is doing a service to the members.  Case in point,  yesterday's post on the person selling out in Washington.  Wouldn't it have been great if some newbee here was able to pick up all that equipment for $250.

Once John is back with us in full force,  I will talk with him about setting up a "Interesting Ebay Items" forum for beekeeping items.  That way Rog will have an appropriate place to post,  and those that aren't interested don't have to look at them.

The purpose of these forums is to share information, and that is what Rog is trying to do.  As long as it is beekeeping related,  I don't think there is an issue.

Just my 2 cents....

Thanks Robo
But I figured you'd have the plans up by now.


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