Look out LJ, here comes another one


Looks like another tropical storm is heading your way.
Hope you left your ratchet straps on.

little john:
Hi Jim - many thanks for that heads-up.  The odd thing at this end is that normally the newspapers would have a field-day with their predictions of potential catastrophe - but right now it's well off the radar.  Maybe they're all far too busy feasting on the latest financial and sexual harassment scandals, with politicians of all complexions dropping like nine-pins.

I had to search for quite a while to find this one:

Luckily Rina has been heading northwards fairly early on in it's career, so is losing much of it's sting to the cold sea - but had it moved eastwards across to the Azores, then it could well have tracked up above the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream, and thus kept much of it's energy until landfall.

Seems like hurricanes might become something of a regular feature in the future:

--- Quote ---According to the NHC, 2017 has been an ?extremely active? year for hurricanes, with Tropical Storm Rina set to become the 17th named storm of the Atlantic season.

Rina?s potential arrival comes after huge swathes of the UK and Ireland were ravaged by remnants of Hurricane Ophelia, which killed five people in Ireland in October.

Ophelia reached major hurricane status more than 600 miles further northeast than any previous North Atlantic hurricane and experts fear warming seas could help these storm become the norm in future seasons.

--- End quote ---
Again, thanks Jim.

NP. Don't tell the Texans that a tropical storm won't do much damage. C :oops:


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