Thoughts connected with my spouse


Miss Chick-a-BEE:
My husband and I are always getting eachother's thoughts. It's interesting because we've done this ever since we met. But I got a kick out of the one that happened yesterday.

In the morning he was trying to remember what he needed from WalMart. He couldn't remember, even with all my encouragement - was it food? no. was it something for the computer? no. was it clothes? no. I tried everything to try and jar his brain into remembering what he was wanting - didn't help. Well I had to go to walmart anyway, so I took off, and he left too with a friend. That was at about 7:30am.

So I'm at walmart, and about 10:30am this thought comes to my head - FILTERS FOR THE AC UNIT. Ah HA..... I bet that's what my husband had wanted. So I bought some. :)

When I got home, here was this note "AC FILTERS is what I forgot. We need them. Get sizes off of filters and get new ones from WalMart. Love, Chad". (Actual note wording.)

When he got home later I asked him - what time did you come home to write that note? He said - about 10:30 or 10:45. So I let him know that I got the message - at about 10:30 - while at walmart. :) We just laughed. It seems silly, but things like that happen all the time with us. Such as, I'll be watching tv thinking - hmm, I should get up and make a glass of water, I'm thirsty. Next thing I know, Chad's just making me some ice water, just cause he thought I might like some.

It's pretty much a daily occurance. Interesting and fun. :) But thank goodness I'm a good wife that would try to lie to him - he'd know it. LOL


Thats what I call really being "in tune" with your spouse-sounds like a terrific relationship!


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