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Out at my mom's house one day, cooking out and visiting. It got about evening time when one of the neighbors dogs attacked my mom's cat. She got it into the car to take to an emergency vet. I followed her on my motor cycle to make sure she found the place. There use to be one place on Loop 289 where sometimes people thought they were suppose to go this way to stay on the Loop but instead you had to go the other way. Well mom went the wrong way. I really don't remember this part but I do remember I was going to pull up beside her and tell her to follow me and I'd show her how to get back. I'm sure that is what I must have done but mom figured out she went wrong and yanked the car hard to the left. Guess where I was. I ended up layed over on the pavement. She said I was still on the bike as though I were riding it, but I wasn't moving or breathing as far as she could tell. She just knew she'd killed me. She was all upset and didn't know what to do when someone came up out of nowhere and asked her if she wanted him to pray with her. They knelt beside me and started praying. Mom said I then started moving. Then the police showed up.

There was no traffic at the time this all happened, and we don't know who called the police. There were no other cars stopped anywhere and the police did not see any one there when they pulled up. The guy was suddenly there and suddenly gone.

I spent two and a half weeks in the hospital.

Beth Kirkley:
That's usually the way I've heard angels work. They come in, offer prayer, and then either walk away or disappear when no one's looking. I've heard of stories where some man comes in a hospital room, offers prayer, and then walks out - but no one in the hallway saw this person.

I don't know if these are REAL people, but only doing what they feel led to do, and in some way just not noticed by some people. Or if it's an angel taking a human looking form. The bible talks a lot about MEN showing up and giving a message or doing something, but it will often say at some point they are angels.

I don't know all the answers. :) I love hearing stories like that though.


Incredible story Jerry, thanks for sharing. I've had three times in my life when I passed out or had huge blackouts due to health issues (one was a medication interaction problem where I literally remember driving my Mom to our nearby vegetable stand and I woke up 11 hours later being wheeled to my room in the protective care section of the hospital.

No one knew why I was out, the tox screen showed nothing abnormal until a contradiction spec was ran and they saw a new med I started interacted with another - but until THAT was discovered, I was on watch for suicide as a precaution because they just didn't know WHY I was out all that time and it could have been a purposeful attempt to off myself.

It was bizarre just going out and coming to elsewhere like that. I assured my doctor that the LAST THING this humble guy would do was try to OFF himself - and I was released. This was before the days of computers tracking interactions and I was given a new migraine medication that dropped my vessel pressure when taken with an anti-inflamatory.

Needless to say, I scared the crap out of my family, but I had no knowledge of anything that happened during those missing hours. I do know I woke with charcoal dripping down my face and no clue why I was where I was.

Two other times, I was sick due to high fever, the worse when I had spinal mennegitis and the other as a teen when I had a serious viral infection. The mennegitis, as I have mentioned many times really took its toll on me - even today, I 'm not as sharp as I once was.

I wonder where we go during those times? Is it the same for coma patients and people with severe head injuries? I can't imagine - but I do believe it is NOT where we go when we die or during Out of Body Experiences. The near death and OBE are times when the mind is alert and consciece (literally) of where it is and what it is doing.

The blackout state (whether STUFF is happening without our knowledge or we are conscience of it, but then forget later) - is not a near death experience. I wonder if there is a time when the conscience isn't able to VIEW and EXIST because of sickness and trama, but I think sickness is a phsyical thing - even mental illness is the PRECEPTION of the conscience mind through a sickly brain. Sort of like good eyes seeing the world through a opaque window, the eyes are fine - they just can't assemble the image.

I think your stranger might indeed have been an Angel or a gatekeeper into the next rhelm - I don't know if a door must open to the next world, but I do think someone is there to help you find the way if it is your time. I just don't think that everyone goes when they have the opertunity - I mean, I think that often it is a "coin toss" whether someone qualifies to leave or not, and the conscience being or higher powers need to assemble to make the decissions.

I have listened and read hundreds of hours and thousands of pages on near death and what I get from it is that we are very limited in how we preceive moving over into the next plain. Remember the movie Ghost and how AFTER DYING Patric Swayze then saw the collection process as either good or evil claimed the dead.

But us Earth Bound folk can't see all that, but I do think we can interpret it in a fashion that DOES make sense to our limited abilities. Seeing and talking with a crossover is a powerful statement of love and near enlightenment.

Personally, I think it is all energy transformation - not some lightshow or magnetic gimmick, but a beautiful flow of pure energy, governed by the laws of science but seemingly magical to our limited minds. The next world (I think) is truly pure energy, organized, mindful, balanced and endless in its reach. The stuff the Universe is made of is what we become, but with the understanding that it is all part of God's bountiful gift to us all.

I think everything beyond life as we see it is perfect and wise and loving and just! The time we spend here is governed by the abilities of the body, but after we pass on, we become part of everything that we can't invision now. I believe it not only includes retaining our own memories, but gaining the memories and experience of everyone before us. There won't be any questions, just total understanding. And at the Center (and throughout the entirety) is God.

Yep, it sounds like you had someone there to help you along, just you weren't ready to go yet.

To this day I remember nothing of the incident from the time I thought about pulling up next to her, and the next memory is having one terrible headache while signing a couple of tickets for the cops. I knew what had happened but there was no memory of it, and I was so out of it I couldn't show the cops my drivers licesens or insurance card. Then mom and I got in the car and I told her I think I need to go to the hospital. There was not a scratch on my body except a small one on the back of my head. No damage to the skull but had a brain hemorage in the back of my head. I lost my sense of smell and taste for awhile.

Sure wish I knew what all I did or tried to do during that accident in order for me not to have ended up totally mangled. I mean we were only doing 55+ mph.

Beth Kirkley:
I've heard of people forgetting stuff that was too frightening for their brain. I had something sort of like that happen. I was in a car wreck, and only remember what happened before and after - but not the accident itself.
But I've heard of people forgetting parts of their childhood because of abuse. They just blacked it out because it scared them so much.



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