My missed UFO Encounter


I just missed out on a multiple sighting of a UFO when I was 15 (just over 30 years ago) on all days, Halloween. My brother was severely handicapped with Cerebral Palsy and died shortly after, but my Mother and a friend of mine were pushing my brother in his wheelchair - I road ahead on my bike to take our bounty of candy home.

As I returned I saw about 8 people, 4 or 5 were adults stood STILL POINTING toward the Southern sky and all were very active in speculating what they had just seen.

I arrived at the crowd and my Mom said "We just saw a HUGE UFO just over the trees." She pointed and my brother and friend pointed to at the spot where nothing hovered about the trees now. "It moved into place and sat there just above that big tree there," she finished.

Everyone slowly moved along, all with the intent to tell the world of their spotting. If I had only stayed with them I could also report the sighting, but no - I had a candy mission to complete - ugh.

The next morning, page 4 of our local newspaper (circulation 300,00 at the time) had an article named "Massive Bird Flock believed to be the REAL object of massive UFO sighting" or something very close to that. The jist of the article was that hundreds of people in nearly 2 counties reported a UFO of massive size, some said it was nearly 800 feet long. Everyone had a similar comment that it 1) was silent 2) hovered after moving into place 3) disappeared as if filpping on a stealth mode.

The article went on to say that a massive migratory bird (they never mentioned what bird species or sect it was) had been flying low to the horizon just near sunset and the combination of low flight, low sun and reflective light from their wings caused the illusion of a great craft in the sky. They concluded that the birds shifted their flight pattern as flocks of birds do sycronistically, thus the reflection of the sun not longer illuminated from them, making the "Craft" appear to disappear.

Later that month a similar story appeared with the same explanation. To this day my Mother and Friend would gladly be hypnotised or polygraphed on what they saw, but neither will ever believe that what they say that Halloween Day was a flock of birds.

Horns Pure Honey:
That sucks that you didnt get to see it John, maybe you will get another chance some day.

Ever heard of the Lubbock Lights? My parents were sitting on a porch in Plainview Texas and saw those fly over. There was no sound just the steady straight flight of the round objects. Later she saw pictures of them that were taken from Lubbock about 50 miles south of Plainview. They were in the exact formation as when she'd seen them earlier.

Just found this sight, go look.

I know that GENERALLY SPEAKING there are two alien types. The Tall Whites which drive the giant triangular black ships (larger than football fields) and the Short Greys who pilot the oval and cigar craft.

It is funny though, we tend to think of aliens as having just one type of ship per species, meanwhile look and see the different aircraft that we have in our own armed forces.

Horns Pure Honey:
that is exactly what I was thinking. :)


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