The Ghost that Grabbed Me

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I work on the Naval Base where the Germany Dirigible Hindenburg Crashed on May 6th, 1937 - and my job includes making rounds to many buildings nightly, including the area where a temporary morgue was set up after the historic explosion.

One night in 1994 I was walking across the large hangar and as always the building was very empty an unattended - only our people and security have access to this build during off hours and this was nearly 2am.

I walked toward the boiler room and suddenly a firm hand grabs me on the left shoulder and spins me around in mid-step, I fully turn in a blink of a second and nothing was there. Nothing.

I could see at least a hundred feet in all directions, I wasn't near a door or a hallway anywhere - I was nearly dead center of a massive hangar, Hangar One where the Hindenburg was stored 12 times in 1936 on it's maden year of flight.

Hangar One (a National Historical Monument) at 800ft long still was not long enough to hold the Hindenburg unless the nose cone was removed from the great airship. But when you stand in this 240ft tall building, you can feel the presence of its mission in history. At 803.8 feet in length and 135.1 feet in diameter the Hindenburg filled this great hangar - I'm decades to young to have seen it, but interestingly - my Grandmother was pregnant with my mother on the date of the crash and grandmom owned a small diner less than 1 mile away and witnessed the explosion from the front step of her diner.

The Hindenburg was just approaching the moorsman (the guys who grab the cables to tie the great airship down) when it burst into flames during its first trip in 1937 - it never made it inside this great hangar again - except for the bodies and parts of the wreckage.

The bodies of the dead were stored in a temporary morgue in the hangar while investigations were being done and while bodies were being claimed. The actual body count in the hangar is lost in fog of time - not everyone killed made it into the hangar.

The weight of the hand on my shoulder was firm, the strong downward grip of a powerful man is the best way I can describe it. But in less than a blink I had looked 360 degrees and there was nothing to be seen in vast lighted hangar.

So, it's not a hair-raiser, but it was my ghost story and it was quite memorable to me, even today as I write this.


I did though spend 13 years at a very antiquated Power Plant on this Navy Base where I can only wish I had ghost stories to share: several coworkers expressed their own tales to me though over the many years.

1) Johnny, who had nearly 30 years at the plant when I started there told me of the Whistler, a male-like whistle that you would hear when walking in the rear area of the plant near the breakroom, head and generator. "No matter where you walked," he said, "you never got any closer to the whistler."

2) Ken, the most serious fellow I've ever known, told me he sat on the main deck reading his newspaper and from the left he saw the figures of two men and a women jogging past him just beyond the paper. As he lowered the newspaper to look at what rushed by, there was NOTHING there.

3) Nick, who frankly drinks a little to much, shrieked like a baby one night as he looked out the small window where we kept our out-side temp thermometer. As he peered out the dark window, an old and haggard face looked in at him. He grabbed his shift-partner, they ran outside, but nothing was there.

So I do have tales to share, but none were mine. I only know that the hand (and it felt like a very large hand) that pushed down on my shoulder and spun me was as real as any hand I have ever felt in my life.

Beth Kirkley:
I worked at a bar in a small Colorado mountain town, and they had many stories of ghost sightings and hearing things.
Mostly what was heard was late at night when only a few staff or only the owner was there. The usual was that it sounded like the jute-box was playing - when there was no one around to turn it on - and when going to investigate, the music would stop. Another thing heard often was a noise that sounded as if someone was taking one bottle of liquor and dragging it across the others - this clink, clink, clink sound - all the way down the row of bottles. That noise was heard as someone was standing right next to the bottles and could see that no one was there DOING this, nor were the bottles moving in any way.
Other stories involved seeing ghostly people walking past the window to the kitchen and going to a back room. When the cook would investigate, no one would be there, and the back room had no exit except for the emergency ones that would sound an alarm if opened. These figures also would have had no time to reach the back doors before the cook reached that room. Many cooks quit after these experiences - it terrified them too much.
My only experience was that one night it felt like someone touched the small of my back and I could feel a breath on my neck. It felt like a drunk was making a pass at me, and getting too "fresh". I turned angrily to confront the person, and yell at them. But when I turned, there was no one there, and it was a good 30 feet to a doorway for anyone to have escaped to. I was alone in that room. That touch had been so real, I was a little freaked to find myself alone.

Also, at a bar/resturant across the street, about 20 of us experienced something. The bar was below the resturant, and had a seperate entrance to it from the resturant. It was late - about midnight or one. I hadn't been there long, so was not drunk (yet). Several of the other people had come in after me - about 30-45 minutes before we had our experience. One of these people was the cook from the resturant, and she had just finished up cleaning the kitchen before coming downstairs. Some of the others were people like - a couple of her friends and the owner of the resturant.
We all heard a pounding noise. To me it sounded like someone had just fallen down the stairs, so as I was turning to see the "wreckage" and about to get up and help a hurt person (cause I thought for sure someone was hurt with THAT amount of noise) - anyway, everyone else said "did you hear that! someone just ran across the room upstairs in the resturant". Since no one should be up there, and the owner and cook were there, they decided to run up there and "catch" the trespasser.
They took off upstairs - and when they returned told us what they found. A couple things to mention - they found the door still locked, and the noise for most in the room had sounded like someone running TOWARDS the kitchen, rather than towards the front exit.
When they came back, they were pretty shaken up. They said the door was still locked, no one was there, but the place was FILLED with natural gas. When getting into the kitchen, every single burner on the stove (6 or more) had been turned on full blast (but not lit, so just pouring out massive amounts of gas).
No one had a real answer. There was no way the cook could have accidentily left on those burners. And there is no way anyone could have done that by running into the building - running through the kitchen - turn on the burners - and then get out........ all in the time it took for the cook and owner and others to get upstairs.
My conclussion was that it involved two "spirits" - one that turned on the gas to hurt us, and one that warned us by running across the room and drawing someone upstairs. If we hadn't heard that noise, we all would have left the bar in an hour or so, and the resturant would have completely filled with natural gas. Who knows the real danger. Maybe it would have exploded in the time before anyone returned to work in the morning. Maybe no one would have been hurt, but it still would have been quite the explosion. I even invisioned that what if - when we were all leaving, and passing the entrace to the resturant, that gas that had leaked outside - some would have ignited by one of our lit cigarettes and we all would have died.


Interestingly Beth.... While creating the POLL for this post, I had 8 poll  questions but the program would only take the ones listed - this has NEVER happened when making a poll before. That is a little freaky to me. The polls are set up to accept 10 answers, there was no reason for this to happen.

At first, I typed in YES, I believe in Ghosts but NEVER had an experience (just once) but it popped up on the poll listing FOUR TIMES in a row - not the one I typed. I erased the choice and retyped it, finally (I think) it took it.

I tried several times to post other questions and it kept refreshing to the list in the current poll only. I will not mention the other possible poll answers SINCE it does not want me too - but they were very interesting options.

Very strange indeed.

Horns Pure Honey:
I deff. believe.I like ghost though. I dont see how you can be afraid of them. As my grandpa says to me, " it is not the dead people you have to worry about, it is the alive ones." I find that 100% true.

When I was six to seven years old, we lived in this house we were sure was haunted. The panal to get up into the attic would not stay down. It would flip over. Figuring it was a breeze getting through there somehow, my dad placed a brick on top off it and lowered it back into the closed possition. That didn't work. We would find it moved up and over with the brick still on the top of it.

The basement door would not stay closed. Mom would make sure it was closed and would lock the door. Then the next time she passed by it would be unlocked and opened. She was the only one in the house. When she washed the dishes the basement door was directly behind her and she could feel someone, something watching her. There would be times that our germansheperd would suddenly get between her and the basement door and growl, hair standing on end.

I would hear footsteps in the hall when no one was in the hall.

An Aunt of mine lived in a house where the spook seemed to be bound to one room. The bed room. She would go in there and make up the bed, open the curtains and walk out. Just minutes later go back in the bed was messed up and the curtains closed.

She had a few homemade shelfs along one wall where she would place blankets, sheets, towels and such. She had just placed some freashly washhed sheets on one of the shelves, stepped back and watched as they flipped over.

Don't really know the outcome of this story as it happened before I wes born and had heard the story when I was young.


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