Welcome to the Dark Side of the Moon


Hi Everyone:

I decided to make this forum to humor the conspiracy buffs and people who enjoy the paranormal. I belong to a a forum with thousands of members and I find myself posting there frequently, and enjoying the multitude of topics and replies.

So I thought I'd make a similar section available here in the members section so that anyone else interested in the bizarre may participate. Below I will list a bunch of topics that you could post on and hopefully it will spark some old memories of things you just can't explain.

I will post here many of the topics I have written on and if you are open minded, you might just see a sparkle of insight to topics you had little interest or belief in before.

So if you have an strange stories to share, please do. In my own life, I have few tales to share - but I do have lots of questions and many ideas that I think are worth sharing. I though it best to separate this section from the Coffee House, only so that we better categorize the subjects and keep the Coffee House for the wide range of topics which we all find in there.

Here are a ton of topics to talk about in this forum - these are many of the same topics covered at where I enjoy the radio programming and forums:

Alien Abduction
The visitor experience, alien hybrids & agendas

Ancient Mysteries
Atlantis, Egypt, and "forbidden archaeology"

Crop Circles
Discuss the evidence, meanings and imagery

Bigfoot, Chupacabras, Loch Ness and other strange creatures

Share your symbols, interpretations, and adventures

Earth Changes
Earthquakes, climate changes, volcanic eruptions

Extraordinary Communications
Channeling, Ouija board, spirit messages and alien contacts.

EVP, Shadow People and all manner of apparitions

Was there an ancient civilization on the red planet? Is there life on Mars now?

Out-of-Body Experiences
Near death states, astral projection, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis

Conspiracy theory, military secrets, black projects, mind control, secret societies

Weigh in on the predictions made by seers or make your own.

Psychic Powers
ESP, remote viewing, clairvoyance, premonitions, healing.

Science on the Edge
The human brain, technology, cloning, artificial intelligence

Skeptics Corner
Now a place for debunkers to share your thoughts and research.

Space travel, planets, NASA, & the universe

Time Travel
Is it possible to travel back to the past or into the future?

Sightings, theories, propulsion systems

Hope this list of topics spark your interest. I'm always interested how others see the Universe, Gallaxies and Planets - why is all that stuff out there and why so far apart?

Have fun on the Dark Side of the Moon :)


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