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Post by: beemaster on April 18, 2005, 06:06:28 pm

Winter is as OVER as it is going to get at Beemaster Central - yesterday I took the bus out for fuel, topping it off with 25 gals at just over $53.00 and today, I added water, checking for any leaks and finding none!

Only thing left is running the cable TV back out there and my Summer Home (AKA BIGROG'S GUEST HOUSE :) ) is all set to go!!!!

Our first camping trip is set for the last weekend of this month from Thursday until Sunday and that will be with 5 other camping friends just over 40 minutes from home. The ideal distance for a first time run after a cold Winter.

NEXT we need to get a tow assembly attached to Ladybee (My wonderful wife Tracey's new Subaru Outback) so we can tow it on all future trips. This trip is close enough that driving either her or my car is NOT an issue.

So Spring is here!!!! Trees are blooming, bees are flying and RVs are getting dewinterized across the land :)