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Many people this coming season expect to move their beeyards into the next phase of beekeeping - small commercial operation. This new forum is an outlet where anyone interest in this exciting and ambitious move toward a sustainable business is welcome to communicate on the many ideas and brainstorming needed to be sucessful.

MEMBERS PLANNING TO BE ACTIVE IN HERE - please let us know in a short detail your current setup and your plans for the coming season or season. This way we can watch along and see how well you are doing.

Best wishes to all trying to go to the next level, may the Bee-Gods be with you!

You surely don't need to be going from 1 to a hundred hives to participate here - if you are growing substantially compared to your previous season, you equally have similar growth and preparation issues that larger setups will run across. After-all... EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS RELATIVE.

Hope you enjoy this chance to grow confidently and with the help of others also trying to master the next level of beekeeping.

Cool, RGF is an excellent idea !  I have 3 hives now, expanding to 8 in Spring '07 with new packages. By fall of '07, I hope to split the 3 I have now with new queens to 11 hives going into the winter/spring '08. That is my current goal depending on my learning curve and luck. I plan to do some pollination contracts for local farmers in '08 and sell honey at a friend's produce stand to make back some $$$. Oh the excitment and anxiety  :shock:

Glad you like the Forum Idea - you should have lots of company here, I know of several members already preparing new hive bodies and frames, before you know it there should be lots to talk about in here :)

Hey, I started with two, just made up two more for four, going to  try a couple splits later on this summer, plus going to add 16 in the spring, for a total of 20 by next Apr. 09, then splitting in the early summer again, heading for what ever I can get. I plan on being a strong sideliner. I'll update as I go.

Hi all,
   My name is David Owen aka mtman1849 I have been bee keeping for about 10yrs now only 3 hives at the moment but planning on doubling sometime in 2009 or do I have time to split this year? i think it may be to late in the year to mess with them now.   Anyway I am going to have alot of free time on my hands starting next month.  Layoff coming and I am going back to school getting out of manufacturing all together.   So going to school and working with my bees for the next 2 years.


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