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I didn't watch it either .. and what Teri said about common sense for sure.

To Sal's point about "effects", I'd add Dunning-Kruger

Ben Framed:
I didn?t watch it either, but your points were well-made, and accepted thanks for your post!

When the military made the very stupid choice to dump the .45 they went with the Beretta 9mm.  I don't know what police use, or if the military still uses that weapon.

Terri Yaki:
Police use whatever their department head decides but I don't know how they come to that conclusion. Around here, .40 S&W was in for a while but they've gone back to the 9mm in the last couple of years. I've been told that the 9 has improved to where it's almost as potent as the .40 but they didn't change the brass or the makeup of the guns so I don't understand that part. The last I heard, PA State Police (PSP) has been using DA, hammer fired 9mm Sigs. 9mm is cheaper, lighter and plenty effective for the hoodlums so I expect it should work well enough for the police. Beside, a wise man once said, "A 9mm will blow a man's lung out", so I figure that should stop a perp.

Michael Bush:
Over the years I've noticed that the majority of police follow the lead of the FBI.  So when the FBI was using a .38 special, that was the police handgun of choice.  When the FBI went to the .357, the 9mm, the .40/10mm and then back to the 9mm, they followed those.


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