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Terri Yaki:
I looked around and much to my surprise, there is no jokes or funnies thread? If there is, just move this to it and we shall carry on.

Anyhow, I get my share of X (formerly known as Twitter) and sometimes there just some funny stuff on there, here's one of them. 'Wait for it' as we say when you gotta see the ending.

"Humor is a funny thing" below coffee house, then 2A, then Constitution, and you're there. Ben's kill your wife joke that you commented on was in it.  :smile:

My bet is Kathy or 15th will be coming along and move this there soon. Females cleaning stuff up ya know, natural proclivity. Well, would've been my bet if I hadn't said something, that is.
It's like when you want a sammich ... leave the stuff on the counter but don't say anything. If you can manage a stomach growl you're golden .. otherwise they may get confused and put the stuff up, but say something, and they won't make the sammich.

and, gotta appreciate a well-executed strike LOL :cheesy:

Ben Framed:
just one example of many, of what you will find in the humor section,  "HUMOR IS A FUNNY THING"

Terri Yaki:
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. I guess this one can be deleted or moved, whatever the mods desire.

They're pretty laid back here. Besides, by the "rules", I think this could fit here and in at least 2 other categories.

My wife and I got a real kick out of the video, btw. (reminded me of our vicious little daughters when they were that age)  :cool:


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