Beekeepers see 42% of US honeybee colonies die off in a single year

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surpising is the big increase in summer losses

Michael Bush:
>surpising is the big increase in summer losses

Nosema cerana hits hard in the summer.  Pesticides, fungicides, herbacides hit hard in the summer.  Beekeepers start treating about then and probably cause some of the losses as well...

Shouldn't we take this with a grain of salt? I suffered a 22 percent over wintering loss. However, after it's all said and done I now stand at a 300 plus percent gain. How will we know when to be concerned?

Yeah, people are making a big deal of this but not reading it all the way through.  When you look at where a lot of those losses happened, the areas include the places that had nasty winter, and the places that have been experiencing drought.  I suspect the drought might account for a lot of the summer losses. 

if the average was a 30% loss, i'm not sure how that differs from other years.  + it looks like this last year was better overall than the year before where we had....nasty winter and drought!

interestingly, at about the same time this report came out, the feds announce that they were going to do things to "help" the pollinators. They intend to use PUBLIC land to grow bee friendly stuff, protect the bees, and use the EPA to get it all done.  What could go wrong with that?

Well, crap!  Now that the Gov't is getting involved, we can be sure to see the situation becoming even worse!


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