Beemaster 2015 - a new look, easier to navagate, image storage and more.

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Much more user friendly, Thanks :grin:

Looks good. Just need to learn how to copy and paste inside of this new system. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

All praise goes to Robo as always. He has the right mojo that "technically" keeps our forum going. It looks great, runs great and we think we have all the bugs tweaked from all views.

Jim, I believe all the cut/paste/copy stuff should work without the need for the code buttons in the post box.

Can't wait to get home to try the DRAFT option again, to us long winded writers being able to pause and later resume a post us golden stuff.

Looking good so far....may i suggest some light guide lines or tabled in the front main page. i should make it easier to line up the topics and what the latest post is.

Chiefman - and everyone.

If you haven't figured out what happen to NEW POSTS SINCE LAST VISITED: and REPLIES TO YOUR POSTS they are now at the top LEFT, next to your member name and called [ Unread ] and [ Replies ] this allows for a much slicker forum that is less top (content) heavy on every page.

So it's always easy to find:
UNREAD posts since last visited
REPLIES to your posts.

Also, noted on a separator line - the issues might be VISUALLY with posts in bold, and less fluff on the main page of a forum - a guide line MIGHT look too busy, but we appreciate and try all requests behind the scenes to see if they can 1) work with the software 2) improve or worsen the look or function of the layout. Thanks.

Just an example of lightening up the top of the pages, your icon is no longer at the top - your MEMBER NAME is, but no image. Simple change that allows people to see posts right away.


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