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For over a year I have wanted to include this room in the forum, but thought it a bit self-serving for a new gun owner, so I put it off. As you may notice, I'm slimming down some of the forums rarely if ever used and likely may combine a few.

But the 2ND is just that: your place to share opinions on laws, show off some of your prized weapons or your go-to guns. Anything covered under the 2ND is fair game in this room.

Personal note, I live in NJ which is one of the toughest states on gun laws. We can not carry, can only transport (in our trunks) weapons and ammo, to and from the range. We can not use hollow point ammo, can not protect property,need to register all fire arms. And even air-soft guns and BB guns or pellet guns REQUIRED a Fire Arms ID Card to purchase.

I know most of you have more favorable laws to gun owners - I'd love to hear your stories, see your prized or just great shooter. Hope to see this forum take off. We have almost lost NY State, New Jersey has now moved into second place before California on certain restrictions. As a relatively new gun owner with a revolver, semi-auto 9mm and three WW2 rifles (all Russian) I hope to build up on handguns, but each handgun here needs a permit, and permits typically take 6 months to get - it is hard to build up a collection in NJ, time works against you - more accurately the state works against you by tying up your applications for months beyond the state law that says permit and license requests are to be completed or denied within 30 days. Of course they have added a clause extending that to whatever time is required "As to not burden the process system".

Enjoy the forum.

States and the Feds. have been usurping the Constitution for many years. NJ's restrictions on being able to legally obtain a constitutional right is just another form of our governments heave handed powers over those who they swore to protect.  Now with that said, I must add that I can not understand why a civilian needs a functioning auto-weapon for hunting or target practice. 

And I can't understand why a civilian needs a car that will do 120 plus MPH, but the gov. isn't trying to ban them. It's called liberty and freedom. Can you understand why anyone would want liberty and freedom?

Civilians don’t need cars that will do 120mph and most cars won't do 120mph.  All modern cars have vehicle speed and engine high RPM fuel cutoffs to PROTECT the other civilians from irresponsible people.  It’s called liberty and freedom for the majority.   Can't understand why anybody wouldn't want that. :?

Must be one of those rich fellows that get new cars every year or two. My newest of 4 is a 2004, and it gets past 100, and I haven't maxed i out and I haven't activated any cut off switch.  NO, blue, if it were for safety, all cars and trucks would have roll bars. The so-called safety measures are all nothing but wool to go over the citizen's eyes.


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