Digger Bees (Pictures)


I noticed something in a bare spot out in the yard earlier today.

It turned out to be a bee of some sort digging in the clay. Currently our soil is rock solid, the sand and clay here forms something almost as hard as cement when dry. So I wondered how on earth is this thing digging.

I watched one take off and fly a few feet away where I have some flowers surrounding our pond. So I expect to see it on a flowers... nope, there it was fearlessly floating on the surface of the water to our goldfish pond.  :shock:

Seems the fish don't care for them. Well it flew back to it's burrow, spit up the water it collected and went back to digging.

As the day went on a two more arrived and also started making nests here. And I'm so thrilled to have them, though I can see how they could be a nuisance in the future. Even so I look forward to learning more about them.

MILTA.  I do so love your close up pictures, seriously, you bring some beautiful pieces of art to our forum.  I have that same kind of bee, they live in the ground near our pool, hundreds of tiny little holes in the ground, it is quite dry there.  These little bees always have their little back legs covered in pollen, it is so ding dang cute.  I will try and see if I can get a close up picture of them later on today.  These little bees always go into our pool and get on the water, and sting their tiny little sting to unsuspecting swimmers.  It smarts a little bit, but has nothing near the power of apis mellifera for sure.  I don't know if I can get as close up a picture as you, but I'll see what I can rouste up.  Beautiful day, lovin' this great and wonderful life we all live and share.  Cindi

Lol hi MILTA i know you sweet pics they sorta remind me of bombus!


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