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It's been tough getting reliable information from our friends in Australia.  I have heard of very restrictive lock downs and a little about protests.  I have also read that the government is censoring information in country.  Can anyone report how you are doing and how bad conditions are?

Ben Framed:
Jalentour I have heard similar reports.

Hi guys, I hope you are all well.
Here in the West we are not in lock down and have no corona cases due to our governments strict measures regarding entering the state. Yes there have been protests but they are a minority mainly consisting of QAnon conspiracists.
Over East NSW, Victoria and our capital Canberra, yes, that?s our capital alright, have areas of lock down due to the Delta strain outbreaks caused by, as usual, the minority not playing the game and slow government action. I am hearing of protests over there and see on the news Q placards and the like at these anti lockdown protests. The locals I speak to have had enough of the lockdowns and are blaming the anti vaxers more than the government and I feel for them. I?ll not be drawn into the conspiracy theory?s as I bundle them into the Flat Earth mob and you can?t argue with idiots as I don?t have the experience.😉
NT, Tasmania, QLD and South Oz are all pretty much clear and free to live life normally except, of course, to travel.
It?s being stressed to us, by the government, that vaccinations are the way forward and the rollout is finally in full swing. A quick google says 26% fully vaccinated.
I?m not sure why you?re finding it difficult to get info from here nor do I know anything about censorship but that may be just because they haven?t told us.😆
I think that pretty much covers it and I?m sure others over East will add to and correct me, as I say here in the West it?s business as usual with the economy booming propping up the rest of the country, once again as usual.😉
My local area here in the South West has had a lot of rain this winter and the trees are looking good so I?m expecting a bee busy spring.😁
And if it sounds like I?m talking up my state Western Australia, google it and you?ll see I?m not just talking the talk.😊

Ben Framed:
Skeggley glad to hear you folks in the West are faring well..  Wishing a "bee busy Spring"..

Ben Framed:
jalentour Could it be your concerns  are right and folks from East Australia are particular about what they might post openly? Even here at 🐝 Beemaster?

Wishing you folks from DownUnder the best!



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