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Has anyone else been experiencing extremely slow load and response times on the Beemaster forum over the last few days?  I've cleared my cache and restarted by browser, but the issue is persisting and seems (at least from my perspective) to be a server-side issue perhaps.  My load times for a page vary between 30-40 seconds, which is extreeeeemly slow...and I have Gigabit internet service so most pages load within a second, two tops, including Beemaster, historically.

I ran three cloud based third-party server speed tests;

The first failed to load the site within its allowed time, resulting in an error. 
The second, I set to emulate a a cable modem connection resulted in a load time of 24.5 seconds.
The third, I set to emulate a 4G mobile phone connection resulted in a load time of 25.5 seconds.

The tests seem to indicate that this issue is not only being experienced by just myself, but others too, however, I wanted to see if anyone else has perceived this as of late.

Perhaps the forum database is due for maintenance, compacting, or optimizing...or needs repairing? 

Same here.

As I understand it, there are plans to move the website onto a new server.  Jim and Rob have been working out the details.  Many members have reported trouble loading or logging on for the past few months.  Those problems should be resolved once the move is complete.

I also noticed that it is more a problem in the AM than later in the day.  Wondered if some of the work is being done at that time.  By my mid-day (pacific time) it all loads fine.

Seems back to normal load speeds (fast) again.  Thanks to those who chimed in to confirm the issue.  Glad to hear Jim and Rob are in the works on a long term resolution. 


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