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Terri Yaki:
When I post here, I end up out of the thread looking at a list of threads. In my travels, I have seen where this can be an option on some sites but I am not finding a way to change that here. Is there a way to set it so I remain within that thread, looking at my post after posting?

Ben Framed:
'One way' to 'immediately' look at "your post" after posting is to go back to the main page which only takes seconds (maybe a second), and is easy, just click on  the HOME page, look at the bottom of the main page and under the heading:
Beemaster's International Beekeeping Forum - Info Center
within forum stats you will see on the second line:
Latest Post.  There you will find the topic of the post you just posted "highlighted" just click on it and it will take you "directly" to 'your post' and the entire page it was posted on. 

Now if someone else has posted since your last post then their post will be highlighted and may be on another "topic" thus another page. If that is the case simply click on:
View the most recent posts on the forum. which will be on the third line of the same heading of (forum stats). This will show you each of the last 10 post in order, word for word as posted. You can continue viewing page after page of each post "in the order" it was posted if you choose..

Try using the Replies button at the top left side of BeeMaster. This will take you to any new posts of threads that you have posted on. To the left of it is the New Posts button. This takes you to New posts that you have not seen yet. Being new, after looking through a lot of them you can clear the very old posts by going down to the bottom of the list and click on the Mark All As Read button. From then on the list will be just new posts.
Jim Altmiller

After posting, I just hit "back" about twice and hit "renew". It takes me back to the thread, including my post.

Terri Yaki:
I believe I have found the solution to this. Under Modify Profile/Look and Layout, there is an option to 'Return to topics after posting by default'. Check that box and you're looking at the post you just made after posting.


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