I got Locked out of beemaster

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Ben Framed  I also got locked out of sending private messages.. on Beemaster.. Which may come back. The last couple of days.. It has taken a long time for my post to show up..On Beemaster
Is it possible for you? To send me Your email .address... Once you get locked out there's no way to get back in.. Yes, I got in because of
 Ken Johnson.
In the subject line, just put Beemaster. Thank you for anything that you can do.....

       Jim Alner
      BEE HAPPY  Jim134  😊

Jim, I removed your e-mail address from your post for security reasons.  We moderators have access to the all the members' e-mails, so Phillip will still be able to e-mail you.  We'll see what we can do about fixing your problem. 

   There have been a lot of typhoons in the past ten days or so.. I don't know if water could have any do with it. Yes, The Typhoons. have been all throughout Asia..

          BEE HAPPY  Jim134  😊

Ben Framed:
Hi Jim134. A few days ago I lost access to the main beekeeping page though I 'was' able to 'send' and 'receive' PMs and reach others headings such as Help, Search, etc but not the main page. I reported it to Beemaster2 and the team. Soon this situation passed and things went back to normal. If you continue having problems please let us know.



I just assumed the recent problems with beemaster might have been because of Jim's overload during the hurricane so I waited it out.


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