Germany Must Have Been a Magnificent Place Before the War!


Ben Framed:
These German Cities must have been magnificently beautiful before the war?

Mate, german cities, indeed most of European cities are still magnificent.

Most have retained a lot of history and many have been successfull in blending the new with the old.
German and Scadinavian cities have created some genuinely modern cities where the car is kept out...Think Stockholm, think Copenhagen, think Koeln.
Unlike many cities in Asia ( and the US!) there are very few slums but lots of social housing .
Europe is still worth a visit.

Ben Framed:
Mate, the point of the post was not intended to question or overlook the beauty of Germany today, nor to overlook the progress achieved after the much destruction as a result of that war, but I thank you for pointing out those good things;  But simply to imagine and admire what was 'once' the beauty of Germany, 'as it was' before much of that 'historical structure' was destroyed or demolished because of the damage inflicted upon it, never to be replaced in replication, never to be the same again because of war. Tis a pity, as was the struggles of the people shown during the time of the filming. A look into the past if you will.. 

An US friend just sent me this video.
Cities can be exciting, innovative...even enjoyable.
Have a look at this video:

Michael Bush:
I've been reading about the Napoleonic wars in Spain and Portugal.  So many ancient Roman bridges blown up.  So many old buildings destroyed.  And that was before we got really good at destroying things...


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