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I have win10 machine that I almost never boot. The only reason I still keep it is
200 steam games on it. When in play mood, mostly play Skyrim and The Forest.

What I use every day is a dual core machine. I have 8 of them. They are cheap
and fast, and perfect for backups to last forever.

On this dual core machines I run windows XP, it is small, simple and fast.
It can do everything I need .. e-books, movies, office, development.
What cannot do is internet.. not safe.

For internet I have dual boot setup.. after many trials, I settled on basic debian/LXDE

One machine cost me 30 euros complete with monitor and they are quiet, perfect for

It is nice to see the older machines still being put to good use. I have an original early edition Athlon64 3200 K8 system on winXP pro that I keep just so I can use my old technical programs and be able to access the old file formats. There is probably upwards of 3000-5000$ worth of software on it that I cannot afford to replace or upgrade nowadays. I rarely use it but am sure happy I still have it when I need it.

For fun there are a couple of windows10 machines around the house that the family has loaded up with basic productivity programs and steam.  In the deep dark of winter I will escape into Skyrim or Fallout 4 to enter those other worlds for hours while it is -25 below and blowing snow outside the window.  With enough GPU power, both of those environments are spectacular escapes with VR.

My main personal productivity machine is a decked out iMac, no games on it.



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