How to resize a photo to be able to post it on BeeMaster.

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To bee able to post a picture from your phone, you need to resize it. In the ap store, look for Resize It.
It looks like this:


When you open it, look at the bottom left side. There is an icon of a photo. Click on it and open the camera roll or what ever your camera calls your photos. Select a photo and then at the bottom of the page, select the Resize It icon. When it opens, change the larger number to 600. It automatically sets the other number. Then at the top left corner, click Done.

At the bottom of the page, click on the circle with the down arrow. Then find the Save Image icon.
Open BeeMaster. To post the pictures, click on Attachments and other Options. This will open up Choose file. Click on it. I then use the Moments file because it puts the photo that you just resized as the last photo. Select the photo, and then click on the insert attachment. If you are going to add another photo, you must use the hive more attachments button.

You can also crop the photo with this tool.

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