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Hi All:

I just downloaded a FREE program from called STAY ON TOP and does what it says, it forces a window (any window) to stay on top - I use it primarily to keep TV in a minimised window on top of my open browser window while surfing or working on the forum and typing to you.

You simply right-click on the STAY ON TOP button in the lower right corner where all your program icons are shown - choose the program from a list of programs which are open and it will from then on STAY ON TOP of any other open program.

Trying to watch TV on my computer BEFORE required me to minimise the browser so that I couldn't see the webpage - now, I keep the TV window in the upper right corner and go about surfing as usual. Rarely do I need to move the TV window to X out a page or something.

It's a neat little FREE program that may answer some program hair-pulling conflict.  is the page that describes the program including the link to download it.


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