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Just downloaded Tapatalk for my Ipod touch and it is very slick. I like it. The best part is the categorizing of topics which allows you to quickly find forums on any topics that interest you.

I'll be playingwith this a lot I am sure.

I'm on Taptalk now. Glad to use it again Bossman!



I was talking to Ken a while ago, he bought TWO Ipod Touches :)

He already has the Ventrilo app installed and sounds great, that is a big reason I bought it for mine - I know the Ipod mic is superior to my USB mic in every way, Uncle Bud says it sounds just like me instead of the tinny sound the desktop mic had.

The "Ventrode" app lacks text chatting and you don't get sounds when people come and leave the rooms, but otherwise it is simple to use and a breeze to set up.

You see the Front Facing Camera pic I took of myself today at work above and that is the low depth cam, the 720p rear facing is equal to the Flip Cam and is soooo easy to upload to Youtube and others. I'll be using it exclusively at Bud4 and leaving the laptop at home.

I was reminded today too (when I took my touch out of the leather flip-top case I have it in) how thin it really is, I am amazed at the size and weight and I'll never get use to the amazing things it can do.

So, I'll be curious if Ken gets the Tapatalk, it sure makes reading the forum feel more like a RSS feed newspaper than a webpage, having no need to resize pays for the app alone!!

You gonna get in character this yr right Boss?  :-D


I locked up after writing long reply using Tapatalk ugh. Just said the  Redneck Yankee will be coming and i have several good video apps that upload automatically to Youtube as soon as i get a signal so expect some short news and political views coming.

I like i can do then at work and upload then at either of my two hotspots where i talk to Bud and Ken as i make rounds.

I am tickled about doing this and there is plenty material these days.



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