Bees in duck nesting box

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Ben Framed:
My first experience with bees was from a duck nesting box. I knew nothing about bees and was helping my Uncle. It was the Black German Bee, (as explained by Tim Durham, a local bee man legend: "Walls Bee Man"). The bees came from a remote area of Arkabutla Lake.
Yes! The Lake featured in the movie: "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". lol  and "Oh Brother" what an experience it was with the mean buggers! NOT a good first experience.


Ben Framed:
From the Topic: "Bee ID"

--- Quote from: Ben Framed on March 28, 2020, 12:54:51 am ---When I was a boy my first introduction to working bees was with a bee this color. They came from a remote area of Arkabutla Lake which had been flooded by the Corps of Engineers many years prior. I did not have a clue as to what my uncle was doing as I was just tagging along and assumed he did know lol. These bees were in a wood duck box and he was doing the ducks a favor and removing the bees with the duel idea of adding another hive to his apiary.

Those were the meanest bees that I have ever seen! Before of since! In fact we actually thought they were Africanized. They were on us like one of those killer bee special programs that you may watch on television! Which we found they were not killer bees. Some said german blacks bees, really I do not know. My uncle went to Tim Durham and inquired describing the bees. Tim advised him to requeen this hive, which my uncle did. They were soon gentle in due time after requeening, my uncle later told me.

I am wondering if these in your picture are mean? Apparently they are not so mean, I assume because of the close up picture.   lol. Have you tried handling them? Even if they are mean you can requeen them.
Keep in mind, ours were not mean until he opened the box. wooo weee. lol


--- End quote ---


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