Beemaster is under attack


To all members,
Right now the Beemaster server is under attack. The CPU has been working at 100% due to the attack. Robo and Eivndm have been working on it and are trying to make it so that the attackers are stopped. It?s not easy.
I apologize for the inconvenience of having a hard time getting in. As a matter of fact it has been very difficult to get this message to you. Hopefully we will have this resolved soon.
Jim Altmiller

I noticed it.  Good luck.

Jim 134:
   I have noticed this website is a little slow. In the last week.  I would like to thank. Robo and Eivndm.For these 2 people for the work they do. On Beemaster. To make it run more efficiently..

    BEE HAPPY  Jim 134   :smile:

What was going on a little earlier this afternoon??

Lots of crazy looking post for sure.

Thanks for working behind the scenes to keep us up and running!!

We are constantly being hit with people trying to add their advertising to our site. The system automatically screens out a lot of them but if they take the time to sign in properly they can then add their links like you saw. Our moderators are constantly catching them, banning them and removing their posts. They, our moderators have been doing a great job.
Robo is still in the process of upgrading the system and moving to a better protected server. Hopefully this will stop a future attack.
Jim Altmiller


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