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Glad you are back in the game.
Why only 2 hives. Florida law says you are allowed 3 hives for anything under 1/2 acre and double that during swarm season which is 10 months out of the year. I?m guessing you are in a HOA that can over ride that law. Cities , towns nor counties can override the state law. I was involved in it when they were designing it. Took a lot of heat for fighting against some of it.
Key Largo has no say in the number of hives that you can have.
Jim Altmiller

Hiya James, and thanks for the input.

I'm not certain about the laws here in Pinellas County, (not "Key" Largo).  I'm also not sure if I have a 1/4 acre, I think I'm right "on the cusp", so I'm fairly certain that limits me to one hive.

Two is about all I want since my son, and helper, has grown up and married and moved out.  But at least stuff has stopped disappearing from my garage. ;)

Honey production is not a concern for me/us.  I give most of what I harvest to my kids and neighbors anyway. 

I'm really happy with my current bees.  The are very laid-back and calm.  I'm getting another batch from the same place, same as way back when I started with the KTB hive.

Two is a good number for us, me and the Mrs.

Sorry to all for hijacking the spirit of the thread... 


--- Quote ---Sorry to all for hijacking the spirit of the thread...
--- End quote ---

We all do it, but you more than made up for it!!   :cheesy:

Hi Folks,

I wasn't going to,.... but everyone is having so much fun,....

HEY!? I can't attach jpegs. Is it just me? Was it something I said? Or was it the way I said it?

Anyway, I saw Harold and Maude when it came out.

That Ruth Gordon,.... she was a bit long in the tooth, but I bet she showed that kid a new wrinkle.

I had some good jpegs too.



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