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hmmm, are you sure that the last part is correct???
Honeydew - a sweet liquid excreted by aphids, leaflioppers, and some scale insects that is col lected by bees, especially in the absence of a good source of nectar.

i think, i'd have to disagree with this one, since aphids aren't active all year long, they also give honey flows


hon·ey·dew (hŭn'ē-dū', -dyū') pronunciation

   1. A sweet sticky substance excreted by various insects, especially aphids, on the leaves of plants.
   2. A sweet exudate similar to honeydew on the leaves of plants.
   3. A honeydew melon.

th word that boggles my mind everytime i hear it!! even in our language we have some...issues about the word that's the closest to your Nuc.

ok so a NUC, a nucleous, what are the specifics that make a hive only a NUC. i know it has to be small and non-honey harvestable, or can it?
would the most appropriate term for a nuc be-a reserve colony???

so, the most common nuc-hive box is what? a 5 frame LR deep, right? but..given the volume and all...let say...Brians hive could just as well serve one as a nuc, right? i mean, the volume of an 8 frame close to equvivalent to 5 frame deep right?

basicly, you call a nuc every hive, from which you don't expect to harvest honey from, right?

Brian D. Bray:
Nuc: from nucleous (a center or core), a small beehive used for starting a hive or in rearing queens usually 3-5 frames in width.  Nucs are also used for holding extra queens and as bait hives for swarm collection.  I have a neighbor who is 94 and started beekeeping in 1945--he uses all medium 5 frame nuc boxes for everything--even harvesting his honey.  But, yes, one does not usually expect to harvest honey from a nuc hive.

A hive with 8 or more frames is considered a full sized hive even if it only has 1 box.  My Nucs are 5 frame mediums boxes.  The 2 splits I did in July were each put into a 5 frame medium box--2 frames brood, 2 frame honey/pollen and 1 foundationless frame.  Those 2 nucs are now on their 2nd box for a total of 10 medium frames each. 
When I add more to these 2 nucs in the spring I will put each 1 into a 2 tier 8 frame placing the brood frames in the center of both boxes with empty frames on the outside of each box.

Michael Bush:
As Brian says, anything less than a full fledged colony, but having all the essentials of one is a nuc.  Meaning it has honey, pollen, open brood, capped brood, emerging brood, nurse bees, field bees and a queen.  But all in less than normal amounts so that it can build up to a real hive eventually.


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