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Update from eivindm 2009-07-19:  I have now created a new membership map. Click here to view the map. The maps below are outdated and will no longer be updated (but I keep them there for historical reasons).

The markers are placed on the map according to the google map database.  If you are placed at a different place than you actually live, please change the location in your user profile (typically by adding a country name or state) and wait for me to update the map.  You can test your location string at as it will give you the same placement on that map as on the membership map.

All markers that overlap each other are clustered together and represented by a number.  Click on the cluster marker to zoom in.  As soon as you have zoomed in enough for the markers to not overlap, they will be represented as regular markers.  Click on a marker to see who is living there.

At any time, click on the "List visible users" button over the map to get a (paginated) list of users that live within the current map view.  By zooming in to a smaller view where fewer people live, the list of visible user will be changed equally.

Original post by BigRog:

I am going to post Eivindm's 2 membership maps here.
He has done a great job and I'm sure that everyone will want to check to see if they have some new nieghbors. Click on the blue numbers to see the membership list for that state

Click here to get another version of the map where you can click on a state and see who lives there

USA Map - this map is outdated - see text above

 World Map - this map is outdated - see text above

Membership List
Click here to get a sorted textfile of where the member lives


--- Quote from: BigRog ---map!
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YES! It is relly good! To be on the map of the world!.   :shock:

Links dont work and dont seem to be hypertext to me...

They dont work for me either.  :cry:

They are working for me and apparently for Finman
They are .gif files


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