Who Looted the Loot?


Ben Framed:

Ben Framed:
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Our Wise Founders assured that out Nations tangible wealth was safely in the hands of our Free Nation, safely in the hands of We The People.  By Gold and Silver in the form of coin was the legal currency according to our Constitution. Did the Constitution change? Who was the brains *behind the scheme* which looted the loot? Who looted the loot?   :shocked:

Nixon?   :grin:

Michael Bush:
This was all done in stages.  Script had been around for a long time, but it was usually issued by banks.  FDR decided we weren't going to be allowed to own gold other than jewelry.  So it became illegal to have gold coins or bullion.  In the 60's they stopped putting silver in our coins.  Silver certificates were stopped in 1964.  After that the money just said "Federal Reserve Note".   But we still tied the dollar to gold until Nixon took us off the gold standard.  The French at the time were demanding gold for every dollar they had and we were running out of reserves.  Americans were not allowed to own gold coins or bullion again until 1974.


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