Wow! What a contrast...


Ben Framed:
Wow! What a 'contrast' in what we have selected now, and what we had selected then, as our Public Servant and Leader.


--- Quote from: Ben Framed on March 22, 2022, 03:21:11 am ---Wow! What a 'contrast' in what we have selected now, and what we had selected then, as our Public Servant and Leader.

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Just saying....
I suppose a little long but worth the wait! @tis worth the eye-opener. :wink: 

Ben Framed:
Again: What a contrast.......

Two years ago, Trump gives 16 billion to American Farmers

Just two years later American Farmers are Hurting and Desperate. Administration makes a difference? You bet!!...  Sad...

"We?re in a crisis in America: President of The National Black Farmers Association"

Can't watch those now, but broadly, yes, leadership makes a difference, but ideology is as important.  You can have strong leadership pushing the wrong things.

My first choice in the Rep primary 2016 was Ted Cruz.  At this point, he'd be my choice again whether Trump runs or not.  Don't know who's running and I may change my mind, but I really hope we can get the policies without the Trump. 

Ben Framed:
National Average of gas prices in May 2020. Trumps last year in office and just two years ago.
May 2020.  $1.789 per gallon.
May 2022.  $4.567 per gallon   and rising!        Diesel $5.577

Does Leadership make a difference?
You bet it does!

"It's an incredible thing that's happened over the last few years, a lot of great things," said Trump. "And you?re paying, what, $2 a gallon for your gasoline? That?s okay."

"You know what that?s like?"  "That?s like a tax cut. That?s bigger than a tax cut. If Biden got in, you?d be paying $7, $8, $9. Then they?d say, 'Get rid of your car.'"

See Video:
Trump in 2020: 'If Biden' Becomes President, You'll Pay $7 For a Gallon ...
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