Polystyrene Hives

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I mentioned this on another thread a while back, but I decided to start a new one just for this purpose to see what everyone's experiences are.  I'm thinking about trying out a poly hive or two.  I have trouble in my climate with wooden equipment molding and rotting, and I'm curious to see if the polystyrene will hold up better over time.  On top of that the price of wood is so high right now, the polystyrene isn't really any more expensive.  Those who use poly hives or have in the past, what have your experiences with them been?  What brands do you like and dislike?  In what ways is working with them different from wood hives?   

All I use are poly hives from Lyson. Lots of varied opinions about them.
You could write a series of columns of pros and my opinion mostly pros.
My thoughts are that any insects that need to regulate the temperature  inside their "home" need all the help they can get to maintain it.

We have used Paradise poly hives (100) for about 10 years. Mostly positive though they need steel QX rather than the plastic.
Had them in hot summer, full sun and no issues. Bees winter well though we don't have very low temps.
We run 2 to a pallet.
Only main negative is the use of a strapping system the lock together, get twisted, trip over them.
Wax moth bore straight through them.
As migratory BK the light weight makes the load 300kg lighter than wood.

Brian MCquilkin:
Very interested in this subject, after insulating 85 colonies with 2" HD ridged foam board and then wrapping them with tar paper. I have decided that is just way too much work. I know a beekeeper here in Wisconsin runs a large number of colonies year-round in poly hives and has great results with them.

Ben Framed:
This is interesting, some very good comments and opinions made. I look forward to hearing more, both the positive and the negative.


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