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Is there something in your life you EXPPERIENCED and no answer every satidified you?

Nothing unexplained here, never.
1 (4.8%)
Something weird, but no way to  follow up.
3 (14.3%)
Reoccuring event that plagues me.
0 (0%)
I've seen Shadow People (movement out of the corner of your eyes).
2 (9.5%)
I felt panic when walking into a room for no reason.
0 (0%)
I have had objects removed and returned mysteriously.
1 (4.8%)
I've suffered loss and it has strengthened my belief in the afterlife
2 (9.5%)
something life changing, that brought me great faith
1 (4.8%)
at least one experience that haunts me still, I still search for answers.
0 (0%)
I've felt that someone was in the house with me, although I knew I was alone.
0 (0%)
My animals stare at random corners, walls and ceilings as if something is waiting to enter.
1 (4.8%)
Not me, but family SWEAR something bizarre has happened to them
0 (0%)
I have seen UFOs, creatures or othr strange things, never explained.
1 (4.8%)
I see dead people. Or know they are around me.
1 (4.8%)
I talk with the dead, hoping they can guide me to do the right things.
1 (4.8%)
I have felt a spirit actually touch you
1 (4.8%)
I feel I am sensitive to the after-world
1 (4.8%)
I smell cigar or pipe smoke coming through my walls.
1 (4.8%)
I don't think I'm sensitive BUT believe some people are
1 (4.8%)
I don't believe anyone senses powers beyond the grave and nothing out in space comes here.
1 (4.8%)
I have had OBE or Near Death Experiences.
2 (9.5%)

Total Members Voted: 0

Voting closed: November 27, 2006, 11:56:44 am

Author Topic: Have you ever had a Totally Unexplained Experience?  (Read 3945 times)

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Have you ever had a Totally Unexplained Experience?
« on: November 17, 2006, 08:53:07 am »
We all seem to have bizarre incidences that hang with us for a long time - did any or some of these happen to you?

Note you can choose 5 OPTIONS (unlike are old poll where you only had one vote, the number of votes here are only limited by the question count) very cool to answer multiquestions.

Please post any replies here to explain your bizarre experiences. I chose the following for what it is worth.

I'll post my votes AFTER the poll runs a while. I accidentally reset the poll modifying it, if you have voted - please vote again, new options also exist. Thanks.
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Re: Have you ever had a Totally Unexplained Experience?
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2006, 08:51:06 pm »

I had to leave several items unchecked because the limit was five.
Here's one for you: 
Gaurdian angel.  When I was 6 yrs old my family lived in Darrington, Wa in a farm house that we shared with the people who owned the farm we were farming.  It was canning season and for the 1st time in my life we had a house with inside plumbing.  It was time to gather the cows for the evening milking (The year was 1952) but I had to go really really hold tight so it don't leak bad, so I head for the house at full tilt.
The stove  was on one side of the door and the sink was on the other side of the door.  In cooking boioling water was often carried infront of the door.
Just as I put my hand on the door knob I heard someone call my name loudlyly and urgently.  I stopped and yelled "What". I looked around and saw my father going into the barn and my Older brother and my mother headed out to bring in the cows. No answer, so I reached for the door knob And again the voice called my name just as loudly and urgently. Again I yelled "What" but this time when I looked around nobody was in sight.
I opened the door and when in the kitchen.  The lady, Mrs. Chilcotte, was pouring hot boiling water down the drain.  She said, "Thank God you stopped, I heard you comming and I prayed to God you would stop or you would have been scalded to death.
Mrs. Chilcotte had her prayer anwered and I talked to my Guardian Angel numerous times since--Each time required a hard choice and if I chose wrong or tried to laugh the existence of the guardian angel away I ended up getting seriously injured.  That is why I'm disabled today.
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Re: Have you ever had a Totally Unexplained Experience?
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2007, 05:37:00 am »
I have been in two serious car accidents when I was younger.  The first I was driving bad from a local park at dusk after a long hiking trip.  I hit black ice and the car did donuts and skidded down a ravine.  I was unhurt somehow? and scrambled back up the cliff to the road.  I was in the middle of a very deserted park just before dark, miles from town.  At exactly the moment I climbed up the bank, my best friends mother and sister drove up.  They were out having a mother daughter drive/talk.  If I hadn't come onto the road at exactly that time, they would have driven by not seeing me or the car.  I asked why they were out there, and they didn't know why they drove out that way.
The second unexplained experience was another car accident.  I was broadsided while delivering pizza.  The truck hit my car going fast enough to move the engine TWO feet to the right.  My car spun around and somehow the door behind me was punched in a foot or so.  I became the center of gravity as the car spun around a few times.  When it stopped, someone opened the door and looked in horror as I had a HUGE s eating grin.  I didn't hit my head, bite my lip or have a sore back or anything.  The only weird effect of this accident was the end of a reoccuring dream/nightmare.  For some reason the dream I had since childhood left me and I have never had it again.   :shock:
Why I was spared injury ill never know for sure.  I have a belief in spirit guides, but its more of a belief born of explanation than faith or religious upbringing.  Why how who????