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« on: January 13, 2023, 11:52:39 am »
Went to a journalists house for dinner and he'd put stickers over his ketchup, mayo and tobasco bottles.
Apparently he likes to keep all his sauces anonymous.

If we can get Al Franken to run for President, with the Green Party candidate as his running mate, my bumper sticker would be...
Franken Stein 2020

One of my hobbies is putting stickers on the back of my car to let other people know what my hobbies are.
They don't make a sticker for that one though.

My girlfriend yelled at me because I apparently treat her like a child.
So I gave her a sticker for standing up for herself.

A young Asian boy comes home with his homework
He puts the paper in front of his father saying ?Daddy! Look! I did so well I got a seahorse sticker!
The father replies ?C-HORSE? WHY NOT A-HORSE?
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