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Author Topic: NATIONAL CURRIED CHICKEN DAY  (Read 138 times)

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« on: January 12, 2023, 07:41:05 am »
My girlfriend was furious with me when i told her i put ginger in her favourite curry..
She really loved that cat.

Is it acceptable to dip bread into a curry?
Asking for my naan.

I told my son I couldn't make curry one night because we didn't have flatbread.He asked why?
I told him it was a naan issue.

When I went out for a curry last week I saw that the menu had about 20 different types of curry on it.
So I asked for a clean one.

I tried Wookie curry for the first time last night
The flavour was alright but the meat was a bit chewy.

I accidentally spilled a coconut milk based curry on my patella, but just a small amount.
It was only a Thai knee issue.

A red curry and a green curry had a fight....
There was no winner...it was a Thai.

What's the difference between evaporation and farting after a curry?
Evaporation is when a liquid becomes a gas....

Just finished eating a beaver curry...
It's like a normal curry, but otter.

Hey, Jude what kind of bread would you like with your curry?
Naan, naan, naan, naan, naan, naan, naan...

Did you hear about the cannibal that made curry from a bunch of businessmen?
I guess he liked seasoned professionals!

I went to a curry house and ordered the pelican curry
It was really nice but the bill was massive

What do you get when you mix curry and porridge?

My dad had an accident once eating curry
He slipped into a korma.

What do passionate Indian chefs and functional programmers have in common when they are exhausted?
They curry on.

What is the favorite food of the cannibal who only ate scientists?
Marie Curry
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